Md Formulation Sun Protection 50 pads

Md Formulation Sun Protection 50 pads
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  • Manufacturer: Dr. Dennis Gross
  • Condition: New
  • Makeup: Consealers
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Powerful Sun Protection SPF 30 Daily Sunscreen 50 Towelettes is an advanced performance towelette that offers maximum protection from the sun's damaging rays with a powerful combination of four broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen agents, two forms of Vitamin C, Green Tea and a detoxifying Chelator. This potent formula gives you what no other sunscreen can - protection from ozone (aka "smog"), which when combined with environmental pollutants and harsh elements in water, can be fiercely detrimental to your skin.


Gives your skin maximum protection against aging caused from the sun.Provides both UVA/UVB protection.Formula is oil-free and can be used on the face or body.